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01/21/2020: The website is finally live!

04/28/2020: Modified WT-16 page adding a new image ad the seal from Christenson miniature woodblock site. Thanks Gary!.

12/20/2020: Added a new version of TA-42. Probably the first state. Thanks Michael!

01/25/2021: Added three new Sozan print: two Ko-Tanzaku (TA-49 and TA-50) and one Koban (TA-16).  Thanks to Jan Roewer (Germany) for discovering the new Koban.

03/29/2021: Added two new Sozan print: one Mitsugiri (MI-07) and one Koban (KO-17). Thanks to Patrick Yeh (USA) for discovering these new prints.

03/29/2021: Modified MI-01 page adding a new image and size data. Thanks Patrick Yeh!

04/18/2021: Added two new Koban print with an unusual heart shaped seal: (KO-18 and KO-19). Thanks to Jan Roewer (Germany) and Patrick Yeh (USA) for discovering these new prints.

05/24/2021: Added a new tanzaku print (TA-51). Thanks to Richard Reader (Canada) for identifying kudzu vine.

11/11/2021: Added a new tanzaku print (TA-52)

Modified TA-41 page adding a new coloured images and Watanabe pre-quake number.

Modified TA-44 page replacing the incomplete JAODB image with a complete one from Floating World Auctions

11/23/2021: Added a new tanzaku print (TA-53)

12/10/2021: Added a new tanzaku print (TA-54) and a new small print variant (WT-04V2)

12/31/2021: Added a new tanzaku print (TA-55), pre-quake version of WT-22

12/31/2021: Added a new pair of prints to the “Pre- and post-quake … comparison” page

02/03/2022: Added a new mitsugiri print from Cooper-Hewitt Museum (MI-08). Thanks to Julia Siemon for collaboration.

02/07/2022: Added WT-17. I am really happy to be able to present for the first time the print “Heron and willow tree in rain”, nr 372 of 1936 Watanabe catalog. This print was found in a sale catalog in the Robert O. Muller Collection – Arthur M. Sackler Gallery (Smithsonian, Washington, DC). Thanks to Jennifer E. Berry and all the staff of the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery.

07/29/2022: TA-35 print moved to Mitsugiri section (MI-09). The dimensions, found on a specimen sold by Catawiki on 07-21-2022, define it as Mitsugiri and not Tanzaku.

07/29/2022: Added a new chuban print (CH-22)

12/29/2022: Just published new pages dedicated to little-known artists who worked for Watanabe Shozaburo: Kōto, Fuyō, Ryuji, Shûrei, Narazaki Eisho (Yeisho), Kyokudo and Shinjo. Thanks for the help to Stephen Salel, curator at the Honolulu Museum of Art, Jennifer Berry at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Asian Art, Julia Siemon at the Cooper Hewitt Museum and Ross Walker (JAODB site).

02/27/2023: Update of the page dedicated to “Kosei”

02/27/2023: Added a new mitsugiri print (MI-10)


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